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Research & Script Writing

At FusedFrame we specialize in crafting witty and engaging scripts that capture audiences' attention and transport them to the emotional and mental spaces you wish to guide them toward. In addition, our team of experienced writers conducts thorough research to ensure that every aspect of your video, from the story to the characters, is authentic and relatable.


Our process is collaborative, so you can expect regular updates and input throughout the writing process. From concept development to final script delivery, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Trust us to bring your video production to life with a script that is both captivating and effective. Whether it is a sizzle reel or a corporate retreat, we can craft the script you need.


Our experienced team of talented artists and designers works closely with our writers to craft a storyboard that captures the essence of your script and elevates it to new heights of originality, creativity, and professionalism. We use the latest software and techniques to create detailed and accurate storyboards that convey your video's tone, pacing, and visual style.


We love working with you and other partners to ensure we haven’t missed any critical aspects of your vision and welcome feedback throughout this process. For many of our clients, this is where the rubber hits the road because they can visually see how we want to tell a unique story that will engage their target audience. This is also a valuable tool for including any shoutouts, product references, or partner visuals that your leadership may require.

Location Scouting,
Casting & Crew Assembly

You cannot operate any kind of video production studio in NYC without having a robust network of connections. Between the rich up-and-coming talent yet to be discovered to the veteran actors, voice talent, and crew members, our team at FusedFrame knows how to secure the right people for your video project.


We have lived, worked, and thrived in and around the city for years, uncovering those unique spaces where art meets gritty culture. These are the perfect locations for everything from a courtroom commercial with a cityscape background to a romantic music video on the water. Let our scouts find the best possible sites, talent, and professional crew to ensure your next project’s success.

Creating a Production Schedule

Once all the various moving pieces of your video production project are in place, it is time to tie them all together with an inclusive production schedule. This can include everything from doing a live read of our written script to avoiding abrupt emotional shifts in scenes so the talent can deliver the best possible on-screen result.


We have the knowledge and experience to craft a comprehensive shot schedule with all the necessary grip equipment lists to ensure a reliable daily schedule. Our team will put together breakdown sheets and coordinate communication leading up to the shoot so we can make the most efficient use of time and resources without sacrificing quality.

Let's get started with your first video today.

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• Setting up Cameras, Lighting and Sound

• Conducting Interviews

• Recording Voiceovers

• Capturing B-roll using Camera and Drone

• Work with Actors


• Video Editing

• Motion Graphics
• Color Correction, Grading
• Sound Mixing
• Final Export and Delivery

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