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Corporate Video Production

We love partnering with the many businesses around NYC. Our team will create videos for internal or external corporate communications, such as employee training, recruitment, customer testimonials, and videos that promote a company's products or services.


These videos can be used for various purposes, such as informing employees about company policies and procedures, sharing information about new products or services, or promoting a company's brand and culture to potential customers or investors. We also frequently document corporate events, parties, and live-streaming conferences to ensure your communication is always on point.

Commercial Video Production

We bring originality and creativity to every story we tell. That includes producing a video for commercial purposes such as advertising a product or service, promoting a brand, or increasing awareness online and off. Our team will capture your unique value proposition that speaks the most to your target market and can be used for everything from product demos to social media content.


Fusedframe offers a comprehensive team with complete capabilities for onsite filming, in-studio editing, sound design, and more. We work closely with your marketing and goal teams to ensure the commercial video's planning, shooting, and final editing results in an enriching experience.

Event Video Production

Looking for a way to make your next event in NYC unforgettable? Look no further than our event video services! Our team of professional video production experts will capture all the highlights of your special occasion, from the speeches and performances to the candid moments and unique cultural benefits.


We'll edit the footage into a beautiful, cinematic video that you can treasure for years to come and share across all mediums to garner more awareness of your event the next time around. Feel free to check out our previous client work and see the many communities and events FusedFrame has worked with before to get an idea of how we can capture your next special occasion.

Drone, Aerial Video Production

This modern video production technique involves using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with cameras to capture aerial footage and video. This can be used for various purposes, such as real estate marketing, film and television production, construction site monitoring, and event coverage. Our service typically includes planning and pre-production, flying the drone to capture the footage, and post-production editing to create the final video product.


So many incredible events, locations, and cultural activities worldwide. Drone footage allows us to tell their stories from unique perspectives that audiences love.

"Talking-Head"  Video Interview

NYC has no shortage of “Talking Head” videos because they are a fantastic way to engage your target market and build a relationship with everyone, from investors to consumers looking to purchase your product. We use this medium to build upon your identity and story, offering sound advice on camera lighting, location, interview format, and more.


We also use a robust set of technologies for advanced post-production editing to add motion graphics where needed that boost your interview’s engagement potential. Our deliverables are available in a wide range of formats to be used across internal or external marketing channels as well as high-quality videos for social media platforms like YouTube.

Let's get started with your first video today.

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• Research and Script Writing
• Storyboarding
• Location Scouting
• Casting and Crew Assembly
• Creating a Production Schedule


• Video Editing

• Motion Graphics
• Color Correction, Grading
• Sound Mixing
• Final Export and Delivery

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