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We turn ideas into
visual experiences

Let our video production company tell your story!

Welcome to FusedFrame video production

We make producing a video a work of art by bringing a wealth of originality to every project. For us, there is

no wash-and-repeat way to use visual media. Once we get behind the camera, the world of possibilities

opens up, allowing us to use everything from your brand identity to the passion you pour into a project, so the storytelling is unique and rewarding. 

Our team offers a range of services from pre-production, production, post-production to a final delivery. We are frequently engaged in producing corporate videos for new product releases just as much as private clients when building new marketing with video strategies for social media. 


• Research and Script Writing
• Storyboarding
• Location Scouting
• Casting and Crew Assembly
• Creating a Production Schedule


• Setting up Cameras, Lighting and Sound

• Conducting Interviews

• Recording Voiceovers

• Capturing B-roll using Camera and Drone

• Work with Actors


• Video Editing

• Motion Graphics
• Color Correction, Grading
• Sound Mixing
• Final Export and Delivery

Let's get started with your first video today.

We are happy to meet in person or online to answer any questions

about our video production company and services.

The Art of Creating


Videos made


Companies Helped

We thrive on being original with our creativity. Whether producing, filming or editing a video, we seek to stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

This helps us build trust and credibility with our growing book of return and referral clients.


Every time we step onto a film site or get in front of editing software, we demonstrate our expertise and understanding of the video production industry. This greatly benefits our clients because no one offers the creative twists we introduce into every finished project.


Now is the time to enhance your branding or capture the memory of your events. Hiring video editors with a passion for originality is your way to propel your commercial or private endeavor. Talk with us at FusedFrame Production today!

Our foundation

Core values of our NYC video production company


Constantly pushing boundaries to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging content.

High Quality

A dedication to producing premium content that meets and exceeds client's expectations.


Delivering professional service that meets industry standards and adheres to best practices.


Using the power of collaboration with clients and team members to achieve a common goal.

Continuous Learning

Staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques to continuously improve skills and services

Recent work

Browse our previous client work and experience

the original styles of our professional video production team.

Brands and clients that trust us

Book a consultation now and get the same level of service

many of the top brands have relied upon for years.


Equity Multiple

Working with Andrew and his team was a pleasure

from beginning to end. His creative approach, attention to detail, clear and timely communication, and patience through several rounds of edits are a testament to his professionalism and character.


We were also very impressed with his motion graphics and post-production sound work as well. We'll definitely be working with him again.

SkyTech 1

Andrew is a hard-working, dedicated and passionate DP and videographer. We have worked on countless projects together and he has always put in the extra mile.


He is always on time, willing to work together as a team and I am also eager to hear his professional input. He is dependable, courteous, and will be an asset to any company. I highly recommend Andrew.


We’re really thankful to Andrew for the way he worked with us for our summer event. He was very responsive and when we had some last minute changes, he was so accommodating and wanted to make sure that we were happy with results.


Our team was very happy with both the quality of the work as well as the way they shot everything. We will definitely be working with him again!

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plan, film, and edit original visual content for you!

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