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  • Conferences and Seminars

  • Trade Shows and Expos

  • Corporate Events

  • Product Launches

  • Workshops and Training Sessions

  • Charity and Fundraising Events

  • Art and Fashion Shows

  • Educational Events

  • Tech and Product Demonstrations

  • Hospitality and Travel Events

  • Film Festivals and Premieres

Event video production plays a crucial role in creating engaging content that can elevate the impact and reach of various types of live events. Whether you're looking for a solo videographer or a professional crew, we've got you covered. Our team of professional videographers will capture all the highlights of corporate conferences, trade shows, product launches, concerts, sports events, cultural gatherings, and more.

We'll edit the footage into a cohesive, cinematic, and engaging video that can be shared on various platforms, such as the event's website, social media channels, or sent via email to attendees and stakeholders to garner more awareness of your event the next time around.

Feel free to check out our work and see the many communities and events FusedFrame has worked with before to get an idea of how we can capture your next special occasion.


  • Pre-planning: We work closely with the event organizers to understand the event's objectives, schedule, and important moments. We determine the key shots to be captured, select appropriate camera equipment, and plan for any necessary lighting or audio requirements.


  • Filming the event: On the day of the event, the videographers and production crew are present to capture the proceedings. We may use multiple cameras to cover various angles and ensure they don't miss any critical moments.


  • Capturing B-roll footage: In addition to documenting the main event, videographers often capture supplementary footage known as "B-roll." This footage includes shots of the venue, crowd reactions, behind-the-scenes moments, and other relevant visuals that can be used to enhance the final video.


  • Post-production: After the event, the captured footage is edited to create a cohesive, cinematic, and engaging video. The process involves cutting and sequencing clips, adding animated intros, logos, and lower thirds, incorporating music or narration, and applying any necessary color grading or motion graphics.


  • Delivery and distribution: We provide up to three revisions to ensure videos satisfy our clients needs. Once the event video is complete, it is delivered to the event organizers or clients. The video can then be shared on various platforms, such as the event's website, social media channels, or sent via email to attendees and stakeholders.



Are you looking to captivate your audience, boost your brand presence, and stand out from the competition?

Look no further! Reach out to ask, and we look forward to discussing your needs.

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